The ISF Forum Mission

The Mission of the ISF Forum is Quality -- promoting quality, supporting quality, and delivering quality.

Video Calibration

The most obvious way the ISF Forum delivers on our Quality mission is by maintaining the most authoritative directory of active, ISF-trained video calibrators available anywhere. Notice that we aren't talking about the largest directory -- we're focusing on quality.

Every calibrator listed in the ISF Forum Business Directory is actively pursuing a career in video calibration, and every one of us here has successfully completed Imaging Science Foundation training and testing. In addition, every calibrator listed in our Directory has made a commitment to continuing their Imaging Science education through a subscription to the ISF Forum Library, the definitive online resource for technical information relating to video calibration.

That's why we believe the ISF Forum Business Directory will be the only guide you'll need to find the most qualified ISF calibrators available in your area.

More than Video Calibration

But the ISF Forum isn't just about video calibration. Our calibrator members are all devoted "quality junkies." It's that lust for a great viewing and listening experience that led most of us to careers as calibrators and home theater consultants in the first place. And through that commitment and experience, we know that while calibration is a fundamental ingredient in the creation of a quality home viewing experience, it isn't the only factor.

So, we'll be looking to mix things up a bit, in large part through a still-evolving set of newsfeed "mash ups." Through these aggregated and filtered newsfeeds, we're aiming to provide you with a quick and easy way to monitor the latest news about a wide range of home theater topics, including HDTV programming and new channel announcements, the latest skirmishes in the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray format war, as well as the casualty count in the growing friction between intellectual property owners and consumers.

And, of course, we have to meet our geek quotient here, so there are also newsfeeds covering the latest in current television display technologies, as well as those off on the horizon, such as SED, lasers and OLED. And we're also refining compilations of both A/V hardware reviews and DVD and HD disc reviews from some of the most authoritative sites on the Internet.

We do encourage you to check in on these newsfeeds from time to time, and more importantly, to follow the links back to the web sites generating these stories so you can read the full details of those most interesting to you. There's some really great journalism and blogging taking place in the home theater market and related areas these days, and we hope that we can do our part to raise the awareness and deserved recognition for the best of these sites.

Ownership & Affiliation

The ISF Forum is presented by Video Savant Publishing and the ISF Forum is a wholly owned operation of Video Savant Publishing.

The ISF Forum maintains a close working relationship with the Imaging Sciences Foundation, but all articles, statements, information, and opinions appearing here represent only the views of the individual or group authors and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Imaging Sciences Foundation or Video Savant Publishing.

No Forums at the ISF Forum?

Ironically, the one thing you won't find here at the ISF Forum are traditional home theater discussion forums. That was seriously considered, but in the end we think that part of the online home theater experience is more than adequately covered by the big guns, such as AVS. That's not in any way to suggest we're indifferent to your opinions, ideas and feedback, and there are many places on the ISF Forum site where you can add your comments and we hope that you'll do so.

And you can always drop me a note direct with your questions, commments or suggestions by clicking This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you and welcome to the ISF Forum.

Doug Weil  
The ISF Forum  

September 4, 2007