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Study: Consumers Favor Lower Prices over Picture Quality
An article in today's TV Predictions newsletter reports on an eMarketer study that finds that consumers have an overwhelming preference for low prices when asked to make a choice between price and picture quality.
Sixty-two percent of Americans say they would buy a High-Definition TV if there were "significant price drops." That's according to a new study from eMarketer, as reported by Advertising Age.

In the study, only 21 percent of consumers said they would buy a new HDTV for "improved picture and audio quality."
Unfortunately, this says much about my historical track record for "timing the market." Could there be a better time to be launching a web site focused on promoting the factors that are important to a high quality home viewing experience?
Climate Expert Says Plasma Displays Should Be Taxed

A UK climate change economist and co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has recently suggested that governments should consider taxing plasma televisions, due to the fact that these new, larger displays consume more energy than their traditional CRT predecessors.

Plasma televisions, which are 50% bigger than their cathode-ray tube equivalents, consume about four times more energy, according to the government-funded Energy Saving Trust.

A cathode-ray tube TV costs about 25 per year to run and accounts for 100kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, whereas a plasma TV costs about 100 per year and accounts for 400kg of CO2.

But another recent study, this one conducted by the Imaging Science Foundation in conjunction with environmental consultancy ECOS Consulting, finds that there may be a simpler, less burdensome solution.