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Clearly Resolved

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+1 (314) 226-1705 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Local Coverage

St. Louis and surrounding MO and IL counties

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Providing ISF video calibration services throughout the US Midwest and Southeast for all types of displays.

I routinely conduct calibration tours to the following metropolitan areas: Chicago/Bloomington/Decatur/Champaign/Springfield IL, Denver/Colorado Springs, CO, Kansas City/Lawrence/Wichita KS, Milwaukee/Madison WI, Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, Detroit/Ann Arbor MI, Indianapolis/South Bend/Ft. Wayne IN, Columbus/Cleveland/Cincinnati OH Louisville KY, Pittsburgh PA, Memphis/Nashville/Knoxville TN, Charlotte/Greensboro/Raleigh NC, Charleston/Columbia SC, Atlanta/Augusta GA, Tulsa/Oklahoma City OK, Dallas/Austin/Waco/Houston/San Antonio/Laredo TX and Lincoln/Omaha NE.

Also offering sales and installation of Lumagen and Video EQ video processors, and Ideal-Lume bias-lighting solutions.



I have worked as a full-time calibrator for more than 15 years and have calibrated more than 2,500 displays of all types -- flat-panel televisions, home theater projectors, computer monitors, video walls, and CRTs of all types.


  • Murideo 6G 4K and HDR-compatible reference-standard signal generator
  • Accupel DVG-5000 reference standard digital signal generators
  • Accupel HDG-3000 reference-standard digital/analog signal generator
  • Xrite i1 Pro 2 spectraphotometer
  • Gretag-Macbeth i1 Pro spectraphotometer
  • Xrite i1 Pro spectraphotometer
  • Xrite i1 Display Pro colorimeters
  • CalMAN Ultimate 2017 calibration suite
  • ControlCAL calibration software for ISFccc-compatible displays, including licenses for all supported Panasonic plasma, Pioneer Kuro plasma and Sharp Elite displays


I got my first look at the road that eventually led to a career in video calibration almost 30 years ago, when I was transferred to Japan to establish a local business operation for the financial information company I worked for at the time.

During my first visit to the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo, I came upon the Sony Building. I eventually found my way to the top floor, where a small theater with a 100-inch screen provided a spectacular demonstration of the world's first commercially available HDTV system.

I was awestruck -- the video bug had bitten! I continued on the international business management track a while longer, but I always knew that some way, some how, I had to get involved in the fast-growing world of home theater and high-definition video.

After returning to the US and a brief, but intriguing dalliance with something called "the dotcom boom," I found myself at a career crossroads. That's right, I was a little to close to the blast point when the fledgling Internet economy went BOOM -- the net result being that I was jobless (and so, it seemed, was the economy). At this point, I knew it was time to act on my Ginza epiphany. So, in March 2002, I enrolled in the ISF training course, flew to Orlando, Florida, and haven't looked back.

Since then, I've calibrated more than a thousand displays -- traditional "tube" TVs, rear-projectors, flat panels, and two-piece projection systems, embracing all of today's most popular technologies -- CRT, DLP, plasma, LCD, and LCoS.

ISF Certified

April 2002

Customer Reviews

Current Rating:
One Last Cal for my RPTV
Author: Doug Berry Date: 2010-03-05 17:21:14
I just wanted to thank Doug Weil over at Lion Audio/Video for doing a excellent job of calibrating my old RPTV one last time. I have a Mitsubishi WS-55413 and I'm sitting here watching "The Dark Knight," and while I've seen this film several times it looks quite superb right now.

If your on the fence about isf calibrations...don't be it is worth every penny!

Great work my man, you do fantastic work and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your work.

Now, back to my movie.
Pioneer Plasma 5020
Author: JeffF Date: 2009-03-04 14:51:33
I just had a calibration of my Pioneer 5020 today by Doug Weil of Clearly Resolved out of St Louis, MO.

I have to say Doug was top notch all the way. Not only did he give me a much better picture but he explained everything in great detail all the way through. Explained every screen and test he was looking at, showed me how it was off and then showed me how it should look. I am very satisfied with my calibration and I was one of those skeptic types, and I am now a true believer.

Whites are not so dirty any more and detail in black just pops now, very impressed. I give Doug 5 stars out of 5, he was very friendly and professional.

At the end I already had my holes in the wall and the bracket secured to the wall and he took time to help me run the wires through the wall and lift my TV up on the bracket for no extra charge,

I would recommend Doug to anyone in his coverage area.
Panasonic Plasma
Author: Jack Rogers Date: 2009-02-04 17:25:24
I recently had my Panasonic TH-50PZ800u calibrated by Doug. Doug is a very nice guy, who takes his time and is willing to explain every step of the way. He explained various before and after aspects as well as had me look over his shoulder to view what he was doing and see the results on his laptop. In watching everything Doug was doing, I realized that if someone wanted to they could do little or nothing, make up a bunch of crap, and a novice like me would be none the wiser. I felt very comfortable that Doug new what he was doing and that he was working toward specific results. He explained the issue or test at hand, explained how the TV was at that point (pre-calibrated), explained where it needed to be, made the adjustment, and showed me where the TV was after the adjustment.

My TV is in a den, which has an outside wall with windows running down one side of the room. The windows have wooden shudders, but there is no way to get this room very dark during the day. Therefore, Doug gave me what I'll call a "true" calibration for night viewing and a calibration for day viewing, which might not be a totally "true" calibration, but is close and results in a brighter screen. Doug also gave me a "true" calibration for my upscaling DVD player.

Finally, Doug gave me an exceptional calibration report, which included a detailed write-up with explanations. It wasn't just boiler plate stuff, he included things particular to my TV and situation-- things that I remember him touching on when he was here. He also included the user settings for each of my three calibration modes. I highly recommend Doug to anybody wanting to get their TV calibrated.
Mitsubishi HC-4900 Projector Calibration
Author: Mike Sloss Date: 2008-07-22 09:57:19
A couple of months ago I posted at AVS about my disappointment with skin tones, etc. and general lack of "WOW! factor" my unit was having compared to most other online reports.

I finally had my projector calibrated this weekend by Doug at Clearly Resolved and am MUCH happier with the results. The gamma and color temp were way off! Watching the Cardinals game with before and after settings showed the sea of reds in the stands much more pronounced, the grass looking a more natural green, and the flesh tones on-the-mark.

Can't wait to view the next Blu Ray!
Calibration of a Pioneer Elite RPTV
Author: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Date: 2008-07-09 21:34:58
I just recently had Doug Weil of Clearly Resolved calibrate my Pioneer RPTV. The calibration was not the first for my TV, but it was my first time working with Doug. Not only is he extremely pleasant to speak with, my TV had never looked as good after calibration as it did this last time. I highly recommend his services.

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Additional Services & Sales

Services & Sales

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December 2017

Milwaukee/Madison, WI area: Monday-Tuesday, December 4-5

Chicago, IL area: Wednesday-Thursday, December 6-7

Detroit, MI area: Friday-Saturday, December 8-9



Favorite Flat Panels

LG OLED, Samsung and Sony LEDs, Pioneer, Panasonic and Samsung plasma

Favorite RPTVs

Samsung DLP

Favorite Projectors

JVC, Sim2, Runco, Optoma, Samsung

Favorite HDTV Shows

Lost, Chuck, Rescue Me, V, Sons of Anarchy, Seinfeld (HD 16 x 9 transfers)

Complete Contact Details


2661 North Illinois Street
Street2 #153
City Swansea
State IL
Postal Code 62226
Country United States


+1 (314) 226-1705
+1 (314) 495-2993

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