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Y/C Delay Controls Print
Written by The ISF Forum Library Community   

Applies To:  All Display Types.

Y/C Delay Controls are required to minimize or correct artifacts that occur when the luminance (black & white) channel and/or one or more color channels in a video signal are not properly synchronized.

When a display or video source suffers from Y/C delay error, there will be a mismatch in the timing among the luminance and/or color channels, with resulting visible misalignment in how colors appear in onscreen images. A display exhibiting Y/C delay may look similar to a CRT projector with convergence errors; and if the delay is severe, it may seem that the picture is not well-focused.

Y/C delay error can occur in the display, in a video source (DVD player, cable or satellite set-top box, game console, etc), or at multiple points in the video signal chain. Regardless of where the error occurs, the display should provide controls that allow the delay to be minimized or eliminated. To be most effective, Y/C delay controls should work independently for each physical input coming into the display.

In many cases where a Y/C Delay control is available, it will only adjust the luminance channel timing in relation to the color channels collectively. However, there are cases where delay errors may occur in multiple channels -- for example, luminance may be arriving before blue, and red may be arriving after blue; in this situation, synchronization of each channel is required to address the errors.

Some external video processors/scalers provide per-input Y/C delay adjustment, while others may provide more elaborate controls that allow adjustment of multiple channels.

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