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Written by The ISF Forum Library Community   

Applies To:  All Digital Front Projectors

Lens Shift Control allows a fixed-pixel front projector to mechanically reposition the lens in relation to the screen. Lens shift is indispensable in situations in which the projector cannot be mounted within the ideal range as specified by the manufacturer.

As background, CRT front projectors traditionally have provided a keystone control that allows the installer or user to compensate for geometry errors that result from less than optimal positioning of the projector in relation to the screen.

While a form of keystone control is typically provided on most fixed-pixel projectors, using keystone correction will undermine 1x1 pixel mapping, an essential property for any type of digital display.

Enter Lens Shift, which provides a solution to projector placement challenges, usually with relatively minor sacrifice in performance.

However, there is a limit to the degree of lens shift that is available with any given projector, and more importantly, even where sufficient lens shift range exists to address severe placement problems, excessive use of lens shift can introduce visible image artifacts.

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