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Lamp or Backlight Controls Print
Written by The ISF Forum Library Community   

Applies To:  LCD Flat Panels; All Digital Rear- and Front Projectors

Lamp or Backlight Controls allow adjustment of the backlight or lamp brightness in certain types of digital displays.

Several benefits can be gained when displays provide user controls that vary the brightness of lamps or backlights, including improved black level performance, tailoring the display's brightness to room lighting conditions, economizing on lamp or backlight service life or reductions in energy consumption.

In addition, a lamp or backlight control can also be used to compensate for declining light output as the light source ages and maximum light output declines.

As an alternative to lamp/backlight controls, a lamp-based display may gain some light output control through the installation of a neutral density filter. The primary limitation to the installation of a filter is the lack of flexibility in adjustment and the possible need to remove the filter as lamp brightness declines.

In situations where the objective is to improve black level performance in the absence of backlight/lamp control, bias lighting may be a suitable alternative, as this will improve the viewer's perception of the display's presentation of black level without actually altering display performance.

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