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ISF Certified Calibration Configuration (3C) Print
Written by The ISF Forum Library Community   

Applies To:  All Display Types

Certified Calibration Configuration, aka "3C," is an ISF-designed calibration system that manufacturers may incorporate into the design of their displays as a means of providing managed access to the controls needed for display calibration, including discrete controls for multiple sources and/or signal types and the ability to customize each source/signal type for day or night ambient lighting conditions.

A growing number of manufacturers have adopted the ISF C3 system as a way of simplifying the process of video calibration by providing logical, managed access to the settings needed by a video calibrator. The C3 system also simplifies the way the consumer interacts with the display after it has been calibrated, ensuring that the calibrated modes are “locked” while also allowing access to the previously accessible picture modes that are part of the TV's standard features.

The C3 system is not a standalone system. Instead, C3 is an interface, similar to an application programming interface (API) in the computer realm, which is part of each display’s internal firmware. Use of the C3 system on displays including it requires third-party software that enables communication with the display and its system memory.

While C3 has yet to gain uniform industry acceptance, a growing number of manufacturers have adopted it, or variations of the system. As a result, calibrators who use one or more of the available C3 interfaces is also on the rise.

Currently all displays that support C3 can also be calibrated through traditional methods without compromising results.

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