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Edge Enhancement Controls Print
Written by The ISF Forum Library Community   

Applies To:  All Display Types

Edge Enhancement Controls are required to minimize excess sharpness or edge ringing created by the display's internal signal processing.

Features that claim to “enhance” or “correct” some aspect of video display performance typically accomplish this through manipulation or distortion of the source video signal. By definition, such extraneous video processing violates the most fundamental goal of proper display design – to faithfully deliver the complete and unaltered content of the source video signal, in compliance with agreed industry standards.

The presence or degree of edge enhancement varies widely among manufacturers, technologies and form factors.

While a casual viewer may initially find edge enhancement appealing, for the discriminating viewer, it torpedoes picture quality. As a result, there must be some means for selectively reducing or defeating edge enhancement, so that the display is capable of accurately reproducing the content of the source video signal.

Edge enhancement does precisely what it says it does; thus, defeating edge enhancement will yield a comparatively “softer” image. While it may appear that an “edge enhanced” picture is superior, it simply takes time to acclimate to and appreciate the unprocessed picture -- without the visual edginess introduced by such circuitry.

In those cases where edge enhancement cannot be readily defeated via user or service controls, it may still be possible to eliminate it by doing an end-round on the display’s video processing through use of an external scaler configured to deliver a native resolution signal (see 1:1 Pixel Mapping).

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